Big L Radio Limerick

Glad you dropped in to one of the memorable Pirate Stations in the Limerick region operating from June 1978 to April 1985.  See my story as it unfolded to be found in ‘The Book’  elsewhere on this site.   enjoy 😎Pirate Radio Limerick

This Picture taken in August of 1981 of Ian & Simon,2 of 3 English guys touring Ireland writing about the Pirate Radio Stations of the Time in a Journal called the “Irish Era”. Photograph probably taken by the 3rd member of the group Gary. Mike Richardson (in the Blue Shirt),talking to them outside 13 Ellen St, whilst Simon is wistfully looking across the road at the local Hostelry Quinns, probably wishing he was inside Quinns downing a pint rather than on the opposite side of the Road.  On this site I hope to tell the story of Big L in limerick as I saw it unfold in 1978 to the closure in 1985 and the subsequent links with Clare FM(Ennis)/Mid West Radio(Limerick),Rocky 103,(Killarney)Horizon Radio(London,Kerry,Tenerife)/Twiggs Big L - Pirate Radio Limerick's Main Antenna Ellen St LimerickFM(Galway)/Limerick One later Limerick 95/Country Gold and finally NCW 106(Newcastle West) I have started to include some original out takes from the past for you to listen to. The Photo is of the extended Big L Mast carrying VHF antenna for 92.1Mghz and the Link Antennas for the Outside Broadcast units circa 1981/2. The Medium Wave antenna in the form of an inverted L wire was strung from the Roof of Ormstons Supermarket on the corner of Patrick St and Ellen St. to the top of the mast in the picture and tied down to a roof top near Denmark st. (approx the outside section of the Old Quarter) probably to the left of the steelworks that used to exist where the Denmark St Car Park now resides.

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