Day 19 Sunday February 10th

Just weighed this morning 82.5 from 83.4 on the 2nd of February. That’s just under 13 stone, long time since I was that weight and would love to be 12 stone? Just finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for the third time, amazing what snippets I missed on the other two reads, or maybe I’m just getting forget full, scrap that, I’m just getting old. Started to read Michael Cain’s second biography ‘Elephant to Hollywood’ but there is so much name dropping before I get to page 3 that I’ll have another go at a later time. Steig Larson’s Millenium series still fascinates me. Awful pity he died before they were published having read them all twice, Tattoo 3 times, and watched the movies twice,(Swedish version),not Craig’s, I still will go again for another read, brilliant stuff. Another Patient joined the group (Alf & Myself)this morning, only this time it’s somebody I know well. Dave is a dj like me and a photographer, who’s in for a check up on his light headiness, don’t think it has anything to do with the heart, but I have been looking at some of the heart blogs and one did mention being “light headed”, “dizzy”, as a symptom, but for the most part it’s pure tiredness over a long period of time that seems to catch most victims out, especially women who seem to put that particular grievence down to just looking after kids and housework etc.normal stuff they’ed have you believe. Suprised to hear it’s their(Women’s),biggest killer!

Phoned mum in England to keep her up to date, at 92 she still worries about me,and wanted to know all the news, still the same, still waiting for the Mater Hospital in Dublin to say “Come on Up”. apart from that everything is fine.

Lunchtime now and all the beds are full. Our latest inmate hasn’t introduced himself yet but is wearing the tell tale wooly hat over a bald head, I guess that’s why they call this the Cancer Ward. I genuinely feel grateful that all I have wrong is my heart when you see all these other people, some with really serious and terminal illnesses.

He’s gone after being “blooded” and we never found out his name. Alf is dozing and Dave is trying to catch on the 9 hours of sleep he’s lost since clocking in last night just after 12.30, and I’m not that communicative with strangers in this scenario, but some seem to take to it like ducks to water, introducing themselves and becoming friends in a very short space of time.

Another Cancer patient arrives late afternoon, but again just passing through. After tea Alf get’s news from his surgeon that the operation to reduce the risk of another stroke from the current 60% down to 5%, but there is a risk, he could actually get a stroke during the operation! has to starve from now till the op, not even water! I won’t see him aftewards as he will be going to the new wing for intensive care. I wish him well.

We all watched the English/Irish rugby international from Dublin in which England held a very vigorous Irish squad at bay. Close match ,very physical, Ireland could have won, but luck was not on their side.