Day 20 Mon 11th February

Another grey day today. We have gained a new patient during the night,much younger this time I guess 20 something also fasting like Alf, but would appear to have swollen lymph glands. apart from that he seems in good spirits. Alf’s surgical team has been in to check out his X marks the spot on his neck. This is a serious op to reduce the risk of a stroke by opening up this very narrow vein that connects the head to the rest of the body. It’s said that this vein get’s very brittle as we get older, and is responsible for quite a number of deaths for ladder bound D.I.Y.’ers who answer to a hail from below. The Rules are if you’re up a ladder doing your thing, don’t I repeat DON’T answer to any calls from below. By turning your neck too fast cases this vein to constrict. Result, blackout, and if your 20 ft up………

Alf has more consultation to make sure he is clear on all the consequenses involved, they are very thorough,and Alf is taking it all in his stride. I have described the ‘new’ wing to him and all it’s advantages like no curtains, all the blinds are set within the extra deep double glazing, plus the on suite wet room which he seemed impressed with, my nickname for the wing is Heaven, I hope it will be heaven on earth for him in a few hours!

Dave’s blood pressure is still high and giving some concern, I presume he will be wisked away for tests, maybe before the end of the day.

It’s just 9 am and Billy,our latest guest is given the all clear to go home. Lucky for some, he’s delighted and calling his Mum to come and pick him up

After what seems like an eternity for me, at 2pm Alf is finally off for surgery on this artery in the neck. He has been without food or drink since 5pm yesterday, as well as the pressure and risk of the operation, and on top of that he was the only incumbent receiving holy communion,funnily enough at the moment the Pope had resigned about 10.30 this morning. all good omens I hope!

Dave finally arrives back after 7 pm on one of the new beds so I know he has been in ‘heaven’. still in pain his wife is delighted to see him,as we all are. it’s been quite a day

Nicky has joined us from Fenagh. Symptoms are blackout whilst training,so tests for him tommorow,and so to sleep.