Day 22 Wednesday 13th February

The day before Valentines day 2013, not much chance of a romantic interlude this year. Breakfast is over and done with and Nicky’s being ‘walked’ off for a scan, no porter around. This happened to me yesterday when I was ‘walked’ down for lung testing. I protested I’d already had one 2 days ago, but Nurse said we can go for the walk anyway to find out. Didn’t have time to wait for the porter if we wanted to get the test which was available in a very small window of opportunity. Nurse asked me about my previous test, and as their are so many ‘tests’ going on I said I would let her know if any territory looked familiar. I’m pleased I can walk without any stress, feel quite well actually, but I know if I break into a run, ‘the pain’ would come back. We arrive at the lab from a different direction, but already realize I’ve been here before. Catrina was my nurse then,(She’s off today), and today’s lab boss has to check her PC to see if I’m telling the truth,(would I lie to you?). She confirm’s I’m on their radar and prints out the results from two days ago stating that was the easiest test of the week!

I’m ‘walked’ back to 4B still feeling good, no stairs, we take the lift, and I’m back ‘home’ real soon.

Nicky’s not back yet and John seems happy enough sitting on the edge of the bed(Nicky and I got him sitting upright before he(Nicky) went wakabout). John is very heavy maintenance, reminds me of Mr Grace in ‘Are you being served’, without the leggy assistants in the TV┬áseries…ummmmm pity!

Our missing Porter pops his head in the door and we exchange our ribald remarks(quite usual) who can get the better of who in smart comments!

Nicky is back at 10.35, ‘attached’ to a monitor on wheels, no chance of his escape anytime soon! and after a visit from his ‘team’ , he learns he’s facing at least two more days, including an Angiogram, not a happy Bunny methinks!

Lunch is served and no-one comes to see Nicky. My usual consultation is brief, “any pain?
“you’ll let us know
“19th is not long now we’ll keep you till then.
“thankyou Doctor Bye.

John has a very pleasant visit with an attractive Physio who takes him for a walk, adjusts his zimmer frame, and makes sure he does a few exercises before her return tomorrow.

Nicky definitely staying overnight,(not pleased) maybe even longer if his angiogram doesn’t take place till Friday,(definitely not pleased). Helps John a lot, he really needs it,I assist opening doors, I feel John is very embarrassed but refuses to call for assistance, until he appears to struggle, when either or both of us step in.

Another ‘youngster’ arrives around tea time. The average age of the ward dropping considerably despite John’s 86 years. we shall find out more tomorrow. Meanwhile newcomer wants RTE 2 for the Match, what another one, this time Man United and Barcelona interesting………