Day 23 Thursday 14th Valentines Day

Valentines Day and a restless night for me and John although he never complains to anyone or even call the nurses during the night even when he needs help, a very proud man. Opening the blind has revealed sunshine,the first we’ve seen all week. Michael Potter arrived yesterday for a visit bearing a mass card from the Redemptorists, saying I had done a lot for them in the past,(the Outside Broadcasts of the Novena for more than 2 years),that the least they could do was to give me a mention in their prayers, very thoughtful, even though I have refused communion and even the ashes yesterday. I used to be very ‘Catholic’ in my youth starting out as an Alter boy In St. Johns Church, Duncan Terrace, Islington and really enjoyed all the trappings and outings we used to go on. In fact I was reasonably devout up until my 30’s but The PP in Askeaton changed my feelings towards the church considerably after the birth of my first son Alexander. Maybe a foretelling of the revelations to ‘come out’ in the 90’s which completely destroyed any faith in the church for me and a lot of other ‘believers’ throughout the world.

Breakfast follows a blood sample needed by the Mater, and a brief outline of the confirmation from the Mater that I will be admitted on Tuesday next but may have to go to Nenagh over the weekend due to the shortage of beds here, something I have been acutely aware of since my arrival! The Priest has just come by our ward again and mistakes my refusal for the opposite and tries to give me communion, he nearly succeeds, but reluctantly accepts defeat and administers to John et al.

Our newest incumbent,Michael, this can be confusing, I’ve already answered to a calling for him today, is just here for a scan. The doctors seem worried about his condition,a possible clot, but he seems unfazed and may depart home today,(he’s having coffee with his mum down at the Cafe), can’t be that bad, but he is very young.

Nicky is planning his escape, but I keep on teasing him about being trapped here over the weekend,he would like to think I’m wrong, very wrong, but….

Our Porter appeared for the usual exchange of reparté this morning, I think I won that one,he’s off to the Canaries this weekend, so what does he care, he’s off to push some drugs, (his words). Pushing the wards supply of drugs on a steel trolley somehow doesn’t seem quite as menacing as he would have us believe. But he can be quite funny,if I let him.

Everyone is busy around John today he insists he is going home today but I can’t see it somehow. However his wife appears late in the afternoon with I presume a son and now all information regarding his medication at home is being revealed to the family including John who now appears from behind the curtain fully dressed and ready to go.

Michael has been given the all clear and can go home he & his Mum are delighted.

Nicky eventually get’s told he is to have his angiogram tomorrow, hopefully early so he can be out before dusk, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Our roving porter returns to take John by wheelchair to the front of house, and immediately launches a verbal attack in my direction, what have I done to deserve this?. Michael seems to think I’m getting on very well without realising the progressing slagging match is getting more serious by the day. He won that round, but I should be able to fix him tomorrow! I myself may have to be wheeled away by PJ the porter for echo testing what fun that’s going to be, I must plan my attack!