Day 24 Friday 15th February

Well that was a bit of a damp squid, one of my first valentines day not employed doing something in the public arena. However love was definitley in the air, as a couple of my phone calls last evening came from hostelries in full swing of their respective gigs! One wedding reception in particular sounded like it was well worth attending, according to my friends reports ummmm… good luck to the happy couple,what a great day to get married! Here in 4B Nicky and I had a very quiet night Nicky couldn’t watch Liverpool, (yes I know, another match), coz the hospital A/V system doesn’t stretch to channel 3E, whatever that is. Doesn’t matter to me as I’m now nearly half way through Book 2 of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series:The Girl who played with Fire.
However I think I’m experiencing mini blackouts as I don’t remember the evening arrival of milk and sweet bun, until it’s their on my bedside table, as if by magic. She usually asks what we we would like, Nicky thinks I’ve definitely lost it, He could be right!

Sports news on sky reveals that Liverpool have a lot to do on their 2nd leg, we didn’t miss much there then.

Just got a parcel delivery, does that mean I’m now officially a’resident’ of the hospital,feels strange. Anyway, lovely thought J & M have included the mid week Limerick Leader with loads of photographs from the Past and a book ‘Beautiful Noise’ by Helen Seymour looks like it’s about a radio station in Ireland. After reading about 20 pages looks like it could be OK,for now I’m back to Stieg which I hope to finish by Monday, leaving the way clear for me and Helen’s book to go to Dublin for the big op!

The Nurses notify me about my ‘echo’ tests, should be taken up by 11.45, Nicky’s still fasting waiting for news to go to have his Angiogram. PJ the porter arrives to take me to ‘Heaven'(the new wing), and Debbie insists he waits for me to bring me back, otherwise I might be over there for hours. Despite my protests that I’m able to walk back, that is if can remember the way, Debbs wants PJ to wait.

Now we have Meteorites landing in Russia and everyone there is terrified. 900 people requiring medical assistance, but this ‘event’ is connected with an asteroid passing Earth by 17,000 miles later this evening. Little bit earlier than predicted, not that landfall was expected anyway! Love the story a couple of years ago on BBC TV when a scientist was being interviewed about a similar event back then when she was asked how much notice will we get of the arrival of our new friend from space, which was similar in size to the one that wiped out the Dinasaurs from the planet. “Oh” she says “we discovered¬†it 3 weeks after it passed us by, missing us by so many thousands of miles. No threat there then!

The Echo tests take barely 10mins despite PJ saying they would take 20. Still he waits for me and we’re back ‘home’ in 4B inside half an hour. Our overnight ‘visitor’ has left the premises,to be replaced by a local Richardson, (Michael yesterday and now confusion with the same surname). Trouble is my namesake has chicken pox which I could get if not already a victim! Quick phone call to Mum in England, however at 92 she can’t remember back that far, neither can I come to that…….fingers crossed.

Nicky is back after his Angiogram with a little pain but still fasting,they won’t let him sit up for two hours, so not even a straw can overcome that, still he’s looking forward to going home tomorrow.

The disinfected bed that held my namesake and the dreaded chicken pox has returned, just looks like it’s been down to the local Car wash,(smells of Flash!),but looks Good.