Day 25 Saturday 16th February

Best day of the week,technically a lie in, but I always wake up around 6 am, I guess it’s just not having to do the school run, it’s like a holiday! No difference this morning, only breakfast doesn’t arrive till 8.20,Heart Bypass Experience still not rushing anywhere so there’s no panic. Still get the occasional pang for a Dunhill, but it goes as soon as it comes, that’s just something that’s never going to happen again. Talking about which things are never going to happen again;-
1.never cut the grass again, can’t pull the starter chord!
2.never change a tyre on the car!
3.never use the chain saw(I’m gonna miss that one, always wanted to do my version of the massacre……joking…..maybe not)
4.No driving for 6 weeks ouch! don’t like that one!
etc. etc. What gets me is sex is OK after 2 to 3 weeks. I read somewhere a long time ago, tabloid maybe, can’t remember,that having sex was equivalent to a cross country hike 5,10,15 or maybe even 20 miles depending on the amount of effort applied,(don’t go there, I’m not telling), So I can set off across the Burren on a beautiful Spring morning,(who would do this in the middle of winter?),from let’s say Corofin and head for Ballyvaughan, I can feel the breeze already, anyway I can do all this and yet I can never ever cut the grass again, unless I get a sit on Mower,can’t quite see myself on a mini tractor on our lawn,(too many apple trees in the way anyway). I’m going to have to have a serious chat with the surgeon about this,besides My Citroen XM needs a serious polish when I get out(escape?).sorry get to the other side!

Nicky came down from his Angiogram about tea time but still couldn’t eat for a couple of hours, but nevertheless settled down for what he hoped would be his last night in 4B. Then suddenly Sarah, our trainee nurse, comes to his bedside and asks, no actually tells him he can go home, and come in next week for the results. Yes please, but he still has to wait till nearly 10pm for the all clear, they(the staff), just don’t seem to comprehend time on the normal scale of ordinary life,I think it has to do with the 13 hour shifts…..Ouch!

Pulled up facebook and delighted to see John Ryan at the decks of Big L around 1980, courtesy of Mike Howes, another great DJ from Big L,

John Ryan In Studio 1 Big L  1980 - Heart Bypass Experience

John Ryan In Studio 1 Big L 1980

I think it may have been a birthday Picture, I have so few pictures and even less sound bites from the Station, out of all the hours that were recorded. Such A pity. I think the biggest loss would be the tapes of Jim Kemmy’s Historical shows, what I wouldn’t give to have them back, but I know they are lost forever!

Pat is the only other incumbent in Ward 4B this saturday and he could be gone by Monday,he has an infection which should be cleared up with a heavy dose of anti-biotics.

I shall be heading for ‘the knife’ sometime late Monday or early Tuesday so this blog will cease on Monday. Having read the little red book of do’s and don’ts I think a notebook will be a little too much to handle after they have zipped up my chest, but I hope to resume as soon as I can on my return, hopefully before the end of the month. I will also try and continue with ‘the book’ still a lot of research to do and negative photo’s to scan, plus all the soundbites I have to organize, still should keep me off the streets for a while.