Day 26 Sunday 17th February

2 or 3 days to go now for the big chop, and a big thank you to everyone’s good wishes for the operation, I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can when I return. I have been adding some audio sound bytes to my ‘book’, the round table will interest fans of Michael Howes and Philip Irwin! The EOC clip is a rare one I found, I have also got news of an avid fan out there who still plays tapes of Big L to this day. I hope to prise some of them from him to copy on to the website.

Listening again to the MV Galaxy Big L final hour, still gets me very emotional, it was one Radio station that was such a part of my youth, I will never forget it.
Back to the present and the impending op. I can’t emphasize how much in hindsight the ‘event’ was creeping up on me. Not being able to do jobs I could do month’s before with ease becoming more difficult, putting off exercising even walking, and a very nasty habit of going to bed early! And the smoking, after a 12 year break should never have started again, didn’t really enjoy them that much anyway.