Day 3

Well technically day 3 but today is actually day 18. I’ve had the ‘event’, was released home, but after a week of freedom I was back inside. After induction into the New Wing I’m now down in 4B. I have been here a week now and it is utterly boring waiting for the news that the Mater in Dublin are able to go ahead with the Bypass operation. I would rather be at home but would possibly have to wait a lot longer to get on the ‘list’.

The Ward (4B) has 4 beds, and when I arrived on Saturday Frank from Galway was the only occupant on the west side of the ward,having arrived the day before with a serious back(spinal)complaint. The bed by the window(1 of the three on the east wall), was vacant and I made a bee-line for it, not thinking for one minute I would still be here a week later and still no sign of removal to Dublin!

Paul arived later that day for a blood transfusion and didn’t stay long

Sunday saw the arrival or Jerry from Clarina with chest pains on top of diabetic symptoms which certainly didn’t help his condition, but a great character nevertheless and had every body in good form. Status Quo for Monday with no real relief for Jerry who reveals he also has a stent after a heart attack more than a year ago. But Tuesday they decide to send him for another angiogram so he has to fast after breakfast. Meanwhile John from Kilaloe is parked outside the ward waiting for tests, and has to use our toilet.

On wednesday it looks like Frank is being moved to 2C after making considerable progress in the pain department, don’t think he want’s to go, I think he’s enjoying Jerry’s company too much, they certainly have a shared equestrian interest. After a bed clean John has now been installed in Frank’s bed, and later that evening I give Jerry the chance to catch up on his favourite website and all the horse news of the day, having to beat him off the laptop at bedtime. He admits he just can’t stop once he is on line.

Thursday see’s John preparing to leave around 7 pm after the conclusion of all his tests, whilst Jerry is picked up by his son in the afternoon,we exchange phone numbers.

Robert from north Clare arrives thursday night, followed quickly by Alphonsus who occupy the beds next to me, by Friday they are chatting away like the chuckle brothers so late the nurses ignore the usual 11 pm lights out! I oblige the boys by shutting down just after 11.30 and switching off the TV.

Seamus from Corofin arrives early after spending 6 hours in A&E seems to settle in OK chatting with the nurses and the two chuckle brothers, but after about an hour puts his boots back on and his base ball hat saying he’s going for a walk and will be back in a minute. he’s not seen again going AWAL. The nurses call the guards and after 2 hours he’s found at home saying he had the chance of a lift home and had to take it! He could find himself in big trouble behaving like that, aged about 30 something with 3 daughters, I fear they could be fatherless before their due time.

by Saturday morning Robert is gone and Alf,(Alphonsus), and myself are alone till mid-day. A lady temporarily takes over the west wall bed after receiving radiation treatment accompanied by her daughter, whilst the corner bed is occupied just as briefly by Gerry who is waiting for blood tests. By tea time Alf and myself are on our own again. He gets loads of visitors who obviously enjoy his company, and during visiting hours tonight we get our treat of orange juice and a sweet cake Yummy!