Day 28 Tuesday 19th February

………………………..The pain was beyond belief. I knew I was in the Mater but this Ward was unrecognisable. At least 8 beds, 4 on each side large spaces between for more equipment, an observation unit at one end, I guess, and numerous beeping contraptions delivering pain killers and whatever to their somewhat comatose victims. The temperature inside the ward was high, not quite intolerable, but I remember waking up with a mask sporting it’s own miniature fan attached to my nose which I found unbearable. I ripped it from my face twice before it was aggressively replaced by a male nurse,of Philippine extraction, I think, who seemed to have no interest in my condition, or even bed side manner before we almost came to blows, when I took it Off my face for the third and last time whilst he walked away muttering some incomprehensible dialog. A female of the Species arrived soon after and went about organising my state of affairs, much more amicably and I settled down to the realisation of a cathata and it’s respective container , that needed to be emptied, and my need for a drink hopefully without a pill or two, fat chance.