Guinness Book of Records Attempt for Non stop Live Broadcasting

This is a Page that Pat Garrett of would love me to get started on. To be Honest until he reminded me I had almost forgotten about it.Big L Radio Non Stop Broadcasting

I remember it started on a Friday night during the Star Discs Top Ten Show in response to an article in some newspaper about BBC Radio Oxford holding the World recordĀ for non-stop broadcasting which stood at 28 hours. So I thought we could do better than that and started an attempt at a 40 hour record.

We phoned The Guinness Book officianadoes who told us the Beeb at local Radio Oxford were going to attemt to break there own record, so we decided to go for 60 hours!

Like the book elswhere on this site all I can say for now is…………………TO BE CONTINUED When I get my memory nodules working again (if ever) Now updated in The Real Story Chapter Five!