7th August 2016

just listened to the final Fab 40 on Fab 40

pleasant surprise was original sound bites from Tommy Vance doesn’t get any better than that, brilliantly edited and compiled produced etc etc etc wonderful show great memories this is the reason I started,  have to keep kicking myself it’s almost 50 years ago. If you missed today’s Fab 40 You can listen again next Wednesday.

11th March 2017

tune in here

Big L Radio London


Radio London have started broadcasting the charts from their archives again every Sunday and Wednesday, well worth a listen if your into the era’s music made famous by the ‘Pirates’ This week going back to 14th March 1965. Stream this website anytime for great music and jingles with no DJ’s.

For those of you who missed my little sales pitch for  memorabilia here it is again

for video presentation

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Boxes first commissioned in 1967 for Borget Mobile Disco in chip board 9” width X 36”

7 off Single (45’s) Record Boxes (Plywood) containing 300 singles each (approx) 2,000 +

2 off Disco Boxes (7” vinyl) 200 each 400 approx

2 off Cd Cases Big L road show CD’s approx 60 CD’s in each

150+ Vinyl 12” club classics

200+ Vinyl albums from Big L Radio Collection including 7 or so box sets

2 off record players with Stanton Cartridges (used on NCW 106 Radio  2002-2005)

2 off Karaoke Laser Disc Boxes containing approx 70 + Laser Discs in total (1,400 Tracks approx)

1 off Laser Pioneer disc player

1 off Cassette/Tuner/Public address amplifier

Assortment of Add Tapes from Radio Big L (Limerick) 1979- 1981

1 off Dennon twin cassette player/recorder

Collection of Mini discs 20 +

1 off Sony Mini Disc Player

Collection of CDG Karaoke discs

1 off Fidelity CDG karaoke Disc player

1 off Broadcast Mixer 3 Microphone i/p + 3 Disc + PC + tape (Radio NCW 106)

1 Off Road Show Mixer for Road Show inputs for Microphone/PC /tape/disc

1off 4 K Light modulator to drive 4 k lighting

1 off 4 k lighting rig Par 56 light units + spares

4 tube lighting units for U/V colour lighting

1 off Broadcast Stereo Encoder

1 off Broadcast Stereo Limiter

1 off 40 watts Exciter Broadcast TX

1 off 140 Watt Slave Broadcast TX( 40 Watts in 140 Watts Out) + spares

1off FM  twin Dipole Broadcast Antenna assembly on 20 ft pole approx 4 db gain(300+ watts erp with associated Transmitters) 40 Miles radius Stereo coverage possible with antenna minimum 500ft above sea level(ideally 1,000ft or more)

1 off 3 Terabyte Pc Twin 24” screens with 24/7 fully automated Radio/TV

Control Program Software including 25,000 Mp3 tracks + 5,000 video tracks

Pair Studio Monitors 15”/300 watt RCF Road Show Speakers Very Loud Very Heavy!

1 off 250 watt/channel Road show amp


€18,000 including delivery anywhere in EU

Call me anytime Mobile 00353831408843